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AHektor 125mm f 25



Does any friends have the experience of using the Hektor 125mm f 2.5 for taking portrait & I heard the result of using wide open will have a little soft & good for taking portrait & stop down to f.4 to f 5.6 will have a excellent sharpness.
Thanks for your comments


Dear Eric,

Further to our correspondence on the Angénieux Zoom I have also used the Hektor f=12.5cm 1:2.5 extensively. It is one of my "must have" lenses and in fact have owned four before I found one that was mint in its box.

Your description of it is accurate and there is not a lot I can add. Describing the subjective qualities of a lens is as vague as describing wine. What I like about the Hektor which applies to most Leica lenses of the fifties and sixties is the out-of-focus blur and the soft transition from sharpness. Likewise at f/5.6 it is an incredibly sharp lens without the harshness of the modern lenses.

Do try one and if you don't like it, you are at least guaranteed your money back.