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Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge


Well-Known Member
Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.

This was the first time I ever shot with a Hasselblad. I borrowed it from a friend and it was quite an experience being in the small plane. When I looked through the waist level viewfinder the image was reversed, so the airplane would go one way and the image would go the other. That led to total airsickness. I did not have a fun time after this picture was taken and it was one of the longest trips I've ever had from San Francisco to San Jose.

Shot with a 500c/m and a silver barrel 150mm lens. Film was some C41 type. I don't remember.



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The travel experience may have been bad but that is a lovely capture.

I was a visitor (not an inmate) to that island in 1980 (phew, a long time ago!).

Lovely colours and a great composition