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All N gear FS Early offer to forum members


Well-Known Member
Dirk, bear with me on this. The list is to long for the F/S section.

Anyone interested in N gear please contact Irakly after this Monday who is graciously assisting me on this:

Includes: N Digital+ multiple battery carriers; N-1, 17-35N, 24-85N, 50/1.4N, 85/1.4N, 100/2.8N Macro, 70-200N, 70-300N.

Most of the items are near mint or barely used, in boxes, and lenses all have shades including the hard to find Contax metal type with correct adapters & metal caps.

Reason for sale? Just committed to a Hasselblad H2D/Imacon CFH system with CF Adapter to use Zeiss CFE glass on the H2 camera. $$$$$ !!!!!