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Alpha Digital Services ceased trading ????


Well-Known Member
I'm not getting answer to email and now website is down and I get a message that they are in Administration...

They have my 50mm lens for repair since Jan, paid for and was sent to Japan...

Anyone heard anything ?


Well-Known Member
They stopped trading in early March I believe.... Good news is I found my lens..... Thomas camera services in Tunbridge Wells have the old stock or items that were being handled for repair. Mine has been repaired and returned from Japan... So should have it back tomorrow. Had to pay extra postage and handling charges.
They were very helpful, but it seems customers have to contact them to retrieve their items.

Bad news is it sounds that support for Contax kit, including 645, is fading fast now, parts are in short supply or run out. The chance that repairs being sent back to Japan sound like they are fading fast as well.
So look after your kit carefully and cross your fingers it doesn't fail........