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American Cemetery, Omaha Beach, Normandy


In 1944, on the 50th anniversary of D-Day, I visited Normandy. I was on a bicycle -- bike from Paris, DC-10 from Boston (FedEx).

Had some of the most extraordinary encounters of my life there. So emotional, I'm reluctant to take my wife next time.

On June 7, the day after President Clinton and the bigwigs departed, they admitted French citizens. I was standing in an assembled crowd of them, as an American college choir sang. When they sang the Navy Hymn, I cried openly — who wouldn't?. The French weren't familiar with the song stared.

Gary Curtis


Well-Known Member
Hi Gary,

I suppose 1944 should read 1994?

Not only for Americans but also for many Europeans the events of WW II are still having a profound effect on our lifes.

It is good to remember the freedom we are enjoying now is only possible because of the efforts of many brave man and women.
Many lifes were lost, often from very young soldiers.
They deserve to be remembered with great respect and gratitude.



Well-Known Member
these have to go into your Best-to-Date Folder.

Awesome large prints, I predict. Play the Navy Hymn by it and Boo-Hoo.

Sharpness, colour, composition are all excellent.


Cyril Jayant

Well-Known Member
well done.

I love the History. And this is no doubt a touching Image which keeps the all time memories open again and reminds the nostalgic era. Thanks and well documented Photo!!! well done Andy


The shattered hopes and dreams of mothers for their sons.
Very touching. As a veteran I see the faces of men, forever young.