Analog Lens with digital Mark II

Discussion in 'Q&A for better images' started by fardorthin, May 25, 2004.

  1. fardorthin

    fardorthin Guest

    Hi, i worked since three weeks with the Canon Mark II.
    I changed from Nikon System to Canon because of this genious body. So my first new lenses were 24-70 1:2,8 L and the 70-200 1:2,8 IS. I tested both lenses together with the Tamron 28-74 1:2,8 Digital. The results of the Tele Zoom and the Tamron were ok. But the results of the 24-70 Canon were terrible. Completely bleured at the corner, no contrast so it was a bad surprise for this price. The Tamron is three class better for the half price. I sent the Lens to Canon Austria to test if the lens was in bad conditions. They didnt found anything. Now i gave it back to my dealer, i can not work with this bad lens. So in my mind this lens is not build for digital work with this camera. Does anyone have the same experience?
  2. Hkdoggie

    Hkdoggie Guest

    Post the pics here and let us justify.

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