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Analog Lens with digital Mark II



Hi, i worked since three weeks with the Canon Mark II.
I changed from Nikon System to Canon because of this genious body. So my first new lenses were 24-70 1:2,8 L and the 70-200 1:2,8 IS. I tested both lenses together with the Tamron 28-74 1:2,8 Digital. The results of the Tele Zoom and the Tamron were ok. But the results of the 24-70 Canon were terrible. Completely bleured at the corner, no contrast so it was a bad surprise for this price. The Tamron is three class better for the half price. I sent the Lens to Canon Austria to test if the lens was in bad conditions. They didnt found anything. Now i gave it back to my dealer, i can not work with this bad lens. So in my mind this lens is not build for digital work with this camera. Does anyone have the same experience?