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Ancient Cedars with Medium Format


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This is another area where I want to utilize the SD-14 to catch all the nuances of light.

This is from one of my favorite riverine benchlands. The groves of Cedars are all about the same age, roughly 500-800 years old. What is nice about this image, to me, is that the light is usually VERY difficult. On this day however, there was a mist to the left of the camera position that filtered the sunlight and enable me to obtain a good exposure.

From this position it is easy to keep going all the way to the very distant glimpse of horizon through the trees. You can walk for about three miles, always in this same Western Red Cedar environment, before coming upon the road again. It is joyful and serene.

Pentax 645
Flektogon 65 (Zebra)
Kodachrome 64
f:16, 1/8th second


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Thanks for sharing Laurence! I personally have not seen any tree that is THAT old!! Must be really something to have survived for so long...


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Laurence, to walk amongst those giants is a privilege, the extra bonus of the their longevity makes it even more special.

Sincere regards, JR


Laurence, beautiful use if light.
I remember visiting Kings Canyon in the 70's seeing the "Generals" left me breathless . Relocating from New York City I could never believe trees could get that big.