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Anon Rebel XT Coloure Space Issue


New Member
Hi All,

I've got this strange issue with my camera.

I'm using an Rebel XT, Acdsee and PS CS2.

When I check the image via Acdsee and in the exif data the colourspace has been uncalibrated. When I also check using PS it says the profile has not been assigned.

On my camera I've chosen the Adobe 1998 colour space.

I don't understand why the software doesn't recognise it. I'm wondering if the camera is actually assigning a profile or not.

Anyone with any suggestions on what I can do? I have the current version of the firmware installed on the camera as well.

I don't mind when I'm shooting RAW cause I can setup the colour space in C1, but when I shoot jpeg most of the time a colour space is not assigned in the camera.