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Another New TVS owner


New Member
Hi everyone,
I just got my new (well, used) TVS camera. It came without a manual and I think I've figured out most of the functions.
One thing that I haven't figured out is why aperture 5.6 is in green on the dial. Does anyone have some insight on that?

And for anyone that has a TVS without a lens cap I picked up a 41mm slip on cover at my local camera shop for only $7.


Hans Mesman

New Member
And again another New TVS owner

Hallo contax-users,
yesterday i bought an old used Contax Tvs, I already had a T2 since 1990.
This one also came without a user manual.
Is there anyone within this forum who could provide us with a scanned manual? I'm apparantly not the only one who's looking for this scarce booklet. We would be pleased to see this placed on this site.

Greetings from Hans, camera collector.


New Member
I still haven't come across a manual.

After a couple rolls of film I have a few observations.

One roll was Provia 400 cross processed. Everything came out a little dark so I'm shooting my next roll at +2/3, or +0.7 as the display reads, to see if that will compensate.

Hans Mesman

New Member
too dark

Hallo FGD,

did you exame the film-cassette for the necessary Dx -code?
Last week I used an old Fuji cassette wthout this code.
An article made me realise that the Tvs uses this code for setting the asa properly. Now I bought same films with the code.

Hans Mesman.


New Member
I believe the DX coding was correct. I think it may be that slide film is very finicky with exposure and cross processing tends to darken a lot of shots. I'll post results of this new roll at +0.7 so you know how it goes.


New Member
Guys, I have a TVS manual. I'll scan and post.

In the mean time; the only thing thats not obvious ( i.e doesn't have a button for) in TVS and TVS II is the flash setting. Let me explain.

As a factory preset, when the camera is turned on, the flash is set to auto. This can be changed to any of the other flash mode settings ( including flash off). Here's how

1. Set the camera on ( by twisting the lens)
2. Kepp the flash button ( top deck left corner) for a few secs
3. The flash symbol now starts to blink
4.Remove your finger from the flash button
5. Press the flash button. With each press the flash mode changes
6. Choose the flash mode you want the camera to be when you start up ( I prefer the Flash off mode)
7. When the desired mode appears ( eg - when the flash cancelled mode appears - the symbol of flash with a diagonal line through), remove your finger
8. This mode keeps flashing for 8 secs and then the flashing stops.
9. Put the camera to off mode ( by turning the lens)

When you turn the camera back on, your chosen flash mode is selected.

Please ask if I didn't clarify it properly