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Any Books on Phocus?

I wonder if there are any instruction books on Phocus, like those of Scott Kelby and Victoria Brampton on Lightroom? Their books are extremely helpful, particularly for people like me who are relatively new to this type of software.

Thanks in advance.

Richard Naismith


I too am new to digital Hasselblad. I have an H3D. Dont know if there is a book but if you find out please let me know. One thing is, just do a few test shots and then go thru each box in the program. Im doing that and it kind of helps.
One thing Im noticing is that the H3D at 400 ISO is incredibly noisy. I tried the noise filter in Phocus but it didnt help. I tried another one and it didnt help.
I must be doing something wrong because I cannot believe that Hasselblad would let this much noise in their system.
I hope someone other users can help with this also.
Good luck


Hi Richard,
there is a Book I can recommend, the authors are Juergen Gulbins and Uwe Steinmueller, the title in German is "Handbuch digitale Dunkelkammer, vom Kamera File zum perfekten Print", or in Englisch "The Digital Photography Workflow Handbook, from import to output"

I have read it, it deals a lot with the necessary workflows and their adaption to your surroundings, dependent on your gear and personal style.
It concerns one in all solutions (like phocus, but phocus is not mentiones) but also the combination of different tools (one in all tools with special tools, special tools with special tools)
The German and Englisch version of this book can simply be found e.g. at amazon at. - There you can quickly have a look into the books online.

Even if this book is not directly written on the focus of step-by-step use of phocus, it helps a lot understandig the workflows, the possibilities of splitting the workflows between different tools and the digital data manipulation.