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Any comment and detailed analysis on 21f4 vs 2134 SA


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I am new in here.

As title, any idea and detailed info about these two lens and their comparison? I soon have to make a decision to buy either one.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Patrick!
Check this out...
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it has always been helpfull to me.


I had both lenses: 3.4 is a new world but very sensitive in strong light in the pictures.
The "SMALL" 4.0 with the common 39E filters is acceptable from 8.0 - if You can buy one 4/21 - take it and think about the limits...
The 3.4/21 is i.m.o. more "modern" in sharpness and contrast.



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Is that pessimistic that the f4 lens has to stop down to f8 for acceptable result? What's the problem if it's wide open? any photo ex&le? (I am in the edge of bidding one)

IYO, overall winner is f3.4, right? How does it compare to old 21/2.8 or latest 21/2.8 asph?



Patrick, Yes, the 21mm f/3.4 is superior to the older f/4 lens. I'va had the same 21mm f/3.4 since 1968 and have a 21mm f/2.8 for well over 20 years. I use the f/3.4 lens for black & white only. It vignettes and the effect looks dramatic in B&W. The 21mm f/2.8 I use basically for color. It has much less vignetting and is a half stop faster. While on an optical bench the 21 asph is better, in practical photography you can't see it. My main reason for getting a 21 asph is the 55mm filter size. Did you ever try to find a 60mm CC30M filter. Happy Snaps, Sal


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Sal, wow, you have everything! all versions! I am impressed. I still prefer 21/3.4 SA to 21/2.8. Hopefully, I can get a good deal. I barely can afford a user lens.


Dear Sal,

The E60 CC30M filter is available from B+W (Schneider) to special order.