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Any hint where to sell my Contax 645 equipment?

Does anyone know, where I could sell my Contax 645 equipment, that is in a very good condition (nearly new) ?
I already tried to find some real enthsiasts for that gear, prices that people are willing to pay seem to be very low, am I right?
Thanks for your answers everybody.....
Thank you for your reply. That the body only sells for abour 2000 I knew, I just wonder why the equipment as a whole ( I have 5 lenses ) won´t bring more than arround 5000... Maybe I schould give a try on ebay.


I have 3 Contax 645s and a number of lenses, plus a Zoerk adapter to expand the lens range to include all Mamiya 645 manual focus glass (and their auto bellows) which helps to increase the number of occasions that the 645 can be the camera of first choice. Add in two digital backs and the kit is fit for the 21st Century. BUT it is a risky option for a new buyer as the system is no longer supported. If you have a problem, it is very hard to find a repairer and so professional photographers will avoid the C645; this has tended to depress the prices of the cameras. It has always been an expensive option for the amateur, largely because of the cost of Zeiss glass but as more Pros sell their kits, prices are starting to drop.. If you are determined to sell your gear, Ebay (and if you are in Europe) is probably your best opportunity as it tends to be the first place people look at and as a consequence sets the market price. Whatever you decide on, do NOT list them as a single lot - you will get a very poor financial reward. The 2 lenses that don't get good prices are the 140mm and 210mm; the top-selling ones are the 35mm, 80mm, 120mm, 350mm and 45-90mm. The Waist Level Finder sells for a very high price as do the 120 film inserts. It will be interesting to see if the FUJI GFX gains in popularity as it can offer a new outlet for the C645 lenses via the Fringer AF Adapter. I often use the Zeiss 80mm on the GFX 50S - if enough people start to use the GFX range, the prices for C645 Zeiss lenses may start to increase again. Why are you selling your gear?
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Thank You for your very long answer and the hints what to observe when trying to sell the equipment. I am also a pro photograher, using Nikon equpment in the digital range. The time I bought the 645 was just when I stll had to shoot on 120 film,,,, but now these days are long gone, and it´s just a pitty not using the gear reglarly.... the lenses are really stunning, so someone shuld use them. That´s in short, why I would like to sell the equipment.


I hear what you say about the move to digital.. However, you can use Hasselblad's Ixpress digital backs on the Contax 645 using the appropriate adapter plate and those backs are able to take full advantage of the quality of the 645 glass. I can confirm the image quality produced by the unusual combination of Hasselblad, Contax and Zeiss; it means the cameras can still earn people a living. And being 'old' technology, the backs and adapter plates are not too expensive to buy...