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Any objective comparisons of Sigma and other brands


New Member
Did anybody try to compare the results of Foveon matrices and other brands? I understand it's not an easy job and there will be many critics of each step of this procedure. But most of reviews completely omit Sigma in objective tests and measurements of various properties of matrices and whole cameras. The most important question: how to get an objective measure of specific color flavor of Foveon that differs it from other brands? Many fans of Foveon feel it but can't formulate it in quantitative measures.


Well-Known Member
VadimPP - As of right now...I have been watching DxO Mark to see if they put a Sigma up...but as of now no...there were some tests done with the DP1 and DP2 but nothing of what you are looking for...

Personally I have shot five systems....Leica/Sony-Minolta/Nikon/Sigma/Olympus..

I stuck with the Sony/Sigma I still have a Nikon D2x and a Leica Film system...I converted two SD14's to Nikon-F and Leica-R mounts...the SD14 shines with my Leica-R lenses and Zeiss/Voightlander Nikon mount lenses...

If I find something about test data...I'll post it here...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy: