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Any Opions on Tamronbs SP Series 90mm F25


Hello, I am 'adding' to my system and was wondering if anyone here has any experience using the 90mm 2.5 of Tamron's.
Also has anyone used Tamron's 500mm F8 mirror lense and can offer any comments...
I am using Zuiko's for all lens right now and recently traded-up a 200mm (older style) for the 65-200 f4 macro, and am thoroughly enjoying it.
I am currently looking for the fast 180, 200, and 300, along with the 1.4x converter.
'Yes', getting back into 35mm work has been fun and enjoyable.
Ed Brown -


Active Member
I used Tamron 90mm once. From my experience, it's very good for macro works but is not good as a short-tele.


I wanted to take the time and say 'thank-you' for the imput, from all. I appreciated reading all posts and privates from those of you, who took the time and effort to write me. It was helpful. I was able to add afew more lens to my system and your thoughts were well taken.
Again, thanks -