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Any success decoding x3f format?


New Member
Hi all,

Is anyone here aware of anyone who's writing open source software and has succeeded at extracting the raw data out of the X3F format?

I wrote a program that can extract the two jpegs that are in the X3F just fine, as well as the photo properties, but the raw section is a problem and I could use some help.

Here's there current raw image from my program. It has some horizontal banding, probably it's a minor bug.

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It depends on which camera you own: X3F from SD9/10/14 are correctly decoded with dcraw, but X3F from DP are not (AFAIK)


Well-Known Member
e-mail me, if you want some code help. Sure you should present, what you have done so far ;)

But I have to discourage you a bit - decoding RAW data is not hard, but converting it into usable RGB color space is. For SD9/10/14 algorithm is known (look at dcraw), for DP1 and newer not yet.