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Any thoughts on the Zeiss 28mm f2.0



Does anyone have any opinions of the 28mm f/2.0? there is one on auction that needs some work I was thinking of investing in. But I wondered how it compared to the 28mm f/2.8? Any problem with it as far as image quality or light fall off?

Thanks for you input



I got a 28 f/2 last year, and was disappointed with the images wide open to the point I thought something was wrong with it (I emailed Zeiss, they were extremely responsive and told me my images were within the "normal" expectations-- they also emphasized it is the best 28:2 they have tested except for the new Leica 28:2 Asph).

As soon as you stop down, the images are excellent, but I would consider f:2 an "emergency" aperture-- it's better to get a soft image than none at all, but it is not for everyday use.
Someone who owns both lenses would be able to give a more complete evaluation.



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Having moved up from a Vivitar 28mm f2.0 I find it brilliant, but a bit soft at f2. Even if I hadn't moved up from the Vivitar I would have been very delighted.



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I have one buyed 15 years ago as 2nd hand. Is my favourite lenses. Has a superb color rendition and saturation, for my one of the best. Haven't any noticeable barrel distortion. The only problem I think it has is the wheigth, quite heavy.



There was one for sale on ebay, that needed some work. it sold for around %560.00. I also saw one for sale at KEH.


BTW, why do you sign your post "ROB"?


Thanks guys
for all the info

My middle name is Robert, and I go by my middle name more than "Ian"


I have uploaded a couple of pictures taken recently with this lens. They could be in the "Test" section, but I actually like them enough to upload them in the regular gallery ("Beginner's corner"). At short distances, I find the performance excellent. The first "Early morning leaves 1" is not cropped at all. The other, taken wide open, is cropped but shows good definition in the center, the famous softness and the very limited DOF. Comments welcome.