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Any word on a replacement for the NX



Any word on a replacement for the NX? Are there any rumors about a replacement or would the N1 get replaced first? I am thinking of getting one but have heard a lot of negative things here about focusing problems and battery consumption.


Yes Phil, the battery consumption is quite critical, maybe due the incorporated pup-up flash. And the battery are expensive (8,80 € pair). But I've never had problems with the NX autofucus, it's very accurate (but a bit slow). Personally, I'm very glad with the camera.

You can see this link for more information about the NX and the N1:

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Alexis (SpainContax)


Batteries: very inexpensive on eBay. Wihout flash I get about 8-10 rolls of 36 exposures on one set. I have used the NX for two years with no focus problems.


My NX has failed. No spares. The film wind mechanism wore out. I only shot mabbe30 rolls. Will get an N1 for the zeiss glass. Wont risk another NX.!!


Hi Thomas. That is very bad luck! Was the camera already used?

I bought mine new when it was first introduced and have had no problems with it (touch wood!)

I like it a lot, have the 24-85, 50 1.4 and 80-200 and am very happy with the setup.

The N1s are going for reasonable money now, but I have never held one - reviews are very positive though.

The NX is so cheap to replace it may well be worth risking it.

Good luck,