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Anyone used a 1022mm EFS lens


Well-Known Member
I was just looking for anyone's personal experience with one of the new 10-22mm ef-s lenses.
I'm considering one for my 20D so any comments on sharpness, resolution, distortion etc. would be appreciated (can't find any reviews so far).
Does it vignette at the widest end, how does it perform with a polariser, any helpful comments welcome.
I'm used to using a Zeiss Distagon 21mm with Contax, so it'll need to be good to compare!


New Member
I have the 10-22mm EF-S and find it to be a good lens for the 20D. It has a minor amount of vignetting at 10mm as well as a minor amount of CA. But the lens is quite sharp and adds the much needed wide-angle capability on Canon's 1.6x DSLRs.

Polarizers are never very effective on super wide-angles due to their field of view. That said the lens seems to work reasonably well with thinner filters.



I have the 10-22mm and before this I used to own a Contax G Hologon 16mm f/8.
To date i have only taken the 10-22mm (+300D) out once and my assessment to date is still low. the images seems soft. Have not really played around with it yet. so my opinion might change.
here's an ex&le. I took it on my way home after purchasing the lens.


Well-Known Member
what was the shutter speed, i wonder... did you use a tripod? is it this soft at any aperture? you see, one image tells almost nothing about lens performance. every lens, zoom or prime, has its sweet spot and not-so-sween ones, and it is simply a matter of finding them.


Well-Known Member
Thanks for your comments guys.
The picture did look a bit soft to me, maybe I'll try to find a local stockist where I can try before I buy.
Coming from the 21mm distagon the comparison will always be difficult. Maybe I just need to save for a 1Ds MKII!


Well-Known Member
I just purchased this lens. While I also have a 1DsMKII and many L lenses to accompany it, there is no way I would want to carry all of that on holiday.

The solution for me when shooting digital is a much more manageable D20 and three nice light weight lenses: this 10-22, a 17-85 IS, and a 50/1.4 for lower light work.

Softness or sharpness is so dependent on post processing with these CMOD APS sized cameras that it is difficult to access performance from one posted image... especially not knowing the experience or skill of the shooter when working with digital capture of this kind. No disrespect of any kind meant, but it takes an understanding of the capture characteristics of each camera and what to do with it afterwards. It simply isn't film.