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Anyone used the new Kodak High Definition



preferably with a G1? but i'm interested to hear any views with any camera tbh


Well-Known Member
I have used the new Kodak hi-def film with my RX and 35-70 CZ VS plus various other lenses and I think the results are stunning. Since using = it, I have put my 5Mpix digital back in the cupboard. Recommend to anyone. Colours are very strong but that is easily cured if you do not like. I = was a committed Agfa or 4 layer/colour Fuji user, dependant upon required = usage, before this film came out.


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Just seen this post, today Jan 2011. A free roll was given away with a photo magazine here in the UK. It was an exceptional film and produced stunning results for clarity and colour. Can it still be obtained, or was it a flash in the pan? My free sample was about 9 years ago, but if it is still manufactured I would like to know where it can be found for purchase.