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Anyone with SD14 and multimeter would you help?


If we measure the voltage between pin 1 (7 o'clock if you are looking at the front of the camera) and the mount, pin 1 shows +5V all the time as long as the SD14 is turned on.

(The red lead of the multimeter going to pin 1 and the black lead going to the camera mount)

The only way to make the voltage on pin 1 disappear is to turn off the camera.

Whereas pin 3 is +5V for a few seconds as the camera is turned on or when the shutter release is half-pressed, but goes back to zero afterwards.

Just wish to see if every SD14 is like that... Thanks for your help in advance!

Guest .

Hi Conurus,

my 14 shows different behaviour?!

Your 7 o'clock pin 1 ist dead, when the cam is turned on!

If I count clockwise (pin 1 at 5 o'clock) then pin 1 is dead, when the cam is turned on, pin 2 is at 5 Volts, when tipping the release botton and pin three has permanent 5 Volts current?!

See you with nice pictures


P.S. Uwe (Netzuser) is our expert in the cam's electronics. He will surely answer as well!


If we maintain the counter-clockwise counting... Your camera has pin 7 dead (it should - I think that is a ground line), and pin 6 and pin 5 at +5V? (I got that too, these are data lines).

But pin 1 and pin 3 should turn on to +5V when you half press the shutter button, but after a few seconds the voltage disappears, right?

Thank you very much for your assistance!


Hi conursus,
my findings : pin1 0 Volt all the time
pin 3 +5 Volts after tipping the release botton halfway (focus) and goes off after a few seconds.
BUT: pin1 has +5 Volts with a lens attached and also goes off after a few seconds.

Maybe this helps:if not known already
don´t get confused with the double P-GND lines, it is for Canon,Sigma only has one line (total 8 with Canon,but only 7 with Sigma)

This might be of interest as well:
Gives some light on converters
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Hi Luis,
I collected the drawings in other forums,while I was looking for info about
Canon and Sigma mounts.
Unfortunely I did not save the source,but Ithink it was on dpreview.
I do not have any idea where to get manuals and/or repairguides over here
in Germany. There are two wellknown repairshops,but both are very restricted
in telling tech detail,be it manuals or partslist.


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Thanks Uwe. We are busy trying to design a solution to convert the SD14-15 to EOS . We are not far from achieving a practical one , however of course it requires a Canon EF Pinset and we have not yet found a place to buy them .

If anybody can provide a lead it would be appreciated. Please make a note that we have this as a Topic in our Forum at ( Forgive me for the link )

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Thanks again.Luis


Hi Luis,
why not take a pinset from an old analoge EOS camera?
I used one when I build a Canon frontend for my Auto-Bellows.


Hi Luis,
You can order repair parts directly from Canon. I use the pinset from the 300D, it's a thin unit and works well in the SD14.