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Apple's Aperture, Tether mode and SD1* camera



I just discovered that Apple's Aperture software has a Tether mode. Although it is really rudimentary (just Capture or Stop session) it does allows to take pictures directly from a computer. I just tested this option with my Nikon D80 and it works just fine.

I know that Sigma DSLR camera don't officially support tethering through SSP, but did any of you ever try to control your Sigma DSLR with Aperture?

I need to buy a complete camera setup for a research project I am working on at my University and I would be trilled to learn that I could use Sigma camera with my computer. I don't mind my being able to control everthing with the computer, I just need to capture picture at a distance and to see them immediately on the computer. Othewise, I would have to go with Nikon/Canon...




Hi Sebastien,

Unfortunately the SD14 can not be used tethered, maybe with the SD15.
Both Canon and Nikon offer this facility with several of their dslrs and it may be in the D80's sw package.
However if you can borrow or buy a Minolta A1 or A2, both offer full tethered control via 'Dimage Capture' (hard to find)
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or 'Dimage Control' (third party sw)
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You may read about this here :
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To remotely use the camera from PC via USB you need to set the camera in MTP mode wich SD14 doesn't have (they only have Mass Storage). With Nikon you may use Nikon's Camera Control Pro and DIYPhotobits Camera Control (wich works even with D40/D40x/D60).

Anyone, please correct me if I'm wrong!