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Arca type L bracket for the SD14 or SD15


There is another way to make a 'custom' fit L bracket for the SD14 or 15 camera. You start with a Really Right Stuff L bracket for the Canon 5D (the original one, not the MK II). You push the stainless steel pin that is used to locate the 5D on the bracket, then you have to cut a slot so that the mounting screw can slide about 1/8 to 1/4 inch forward. The slot must be wide enough for the screw to move yet should be small enough so that the screw cannot fall out.

The modified bracket fits like a custom one, with the rear lip aligning with the rear of the camera body. The cutout on the L provides clearance for the cable remote, and there is plenty of clearance for the neck strap.

I no longer use the Arca style quick release when outdoors, but this is a nice setup for studio work (outdoors I rely on the rotating lens collars and use the Gitzo C plates).