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Are there different RX1bs with differing DOF logic


Well-Known Member

Just compared two RX's, both the RX1 NOT RX2. One had a DOF preview button which needed to be held down, like a normal mechanical one does, but the other RX had a DOF preview button which stopped down the lens and kept it stopped down until you pressed the DOF preview button a second time. Is this meaning there are two differing RX1's out there with differing logic systems?

Cheers for all answers from RX owners.


Well-Known Member
Hi Steve,

My RX also stops down until you release the button but there is a custom function whereby you can make it need a further press to re open it.

To do this, you set the exposure mode selector on the shutter speed dial to CF - you have to press the ISO button to move the selector. This causes the display panel to show CF. Then you press the left button to select the item. The preview button is function number 7. If you press the right hand button, 0 changes to 1 and this sets the preview to require two presses. 0 is the setting to allow the aperture to open and close by just pressing the preview button.
Having set it, if you return the exposure mode selection lever back to normal the new setting is confirmed.

One thing I have noticed on my RX is that the data back battery lasts no time at all.