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Are there other lenses or bodies that will work with the Contax G-system


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Does anyone know if I can use other lenses on my G-2? What lenses are they and what are the risks? I've heard of Bessa 'something' working.

Also can I use my G lenses on camera bodies other than the G-1 or G-2?


> I cannot comment on the general availability of lens adaptors for G1/G2- as far as Bessa goes, Zoerkendorfer makes custom versions of the 12mm and 15mm wide angles that will fit the G and allow you to use all the camera functions. The 12mm and 15mm from Bessa have bargain prices in their standard format but once the "Zoerk" customizing is completed, you are looking at $800 to $1200 depending on which focal length you want.