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Artificial wide-angle-shots

Guest .

Hi all,

we all know about a number of panorama-making tools which are capable of stitching two or more photos to impressive panoramic views.

Some of these tools can even do more than in-line-panoramas but they can work matrix arrangements. I.e. we can do kind of artificial wide-angle-shots combining different shots, arranged in a matrix.

Even more interesting....

To do "proper" panoramic-work is by far not easy. You should know about a thing called nodal point.....

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....that means you should use a tripod .. and all "tiles" should be done with the same exposure and the same white-ballance to reach best panoramic results.

What I want to show now is "LAZY" artificial wide-angle-shots using Photomerge (PS-CS3) for stitching the single shots.

The tiles are done with my SD9 with automatic WB and multi-spot-metering.
All the tiles are just like snapshots without much care or even using a tripod.

The tiles:

sample 6.jpg

sample 7.jpg

sample 8.jpg

sample 10.jpg

All shots @ 10mm focal length (SIGMA 10-20mm EX DC)

This then is my result ... after correcting distortions of course.

All differences in exposure and colours of the single shots are perfectly equalized.
Not all too bad, I think ... since it is a "lazy" wide-angle view.

(Altona Castle Germany)

sample 9.jpg

See you with nice pictures