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Australian Farmland - DP2



I am new to this forum but not really to photography - been doing that for 40 odd years. A few months back I aquired a DP2 as I friend and I have been intrigued by the Foveon sensor. Its early days for me with the DP2 but its rapidly becoming my camera of choice for static 3/4 portraits. I like to do this with natural window light and finding the results good. Hoping to learn some tricks from you guys!

Here is a local landscape I took one sunny Sunday afternoon!




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Hi Tim,

Welcome to the forum. It looks like we Aussies have a thing for foveon.....

Nice and green where you are, looks like you have had decent rainfall.




Hi Steve,

yeah! Foveon :)

A buddy of mine has a DP2 also for the big sensor but also because the rendering that the Foveon does - something about the way the images "pops" on screen and in prints.
Its certainly a different look and IMO the BW it does is stunning.

Rainfall has been good in Adelaide and surrounds, the Murray is quite a worry though!


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The murray is a bit more than a worry here in Albury Wodonga. Here is a link to a 9 frame panorama I did with my first SD10 a number of years ago.

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Makes me want to cry seeing it nowadays. Anyway, welcome to this forum. Might give you a holler on my next trip to Adelaide.

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs