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B&W/digital/desaturation/red filter


New Member
Is there any benefit in using a red filter while shooting w today's digital backs ? Or, no need for filters, all the data is there and any manipulation can occur in PS / LR ?
I would say: no needs.

I come from the film (first Hassy in 1970 and Leica in 92), and I'm shooting digital for 2 years only (M9 & now CFV50). I find the B&W definitely better and it's a lot more convenient to filter in LR by pushing the sliders (and you can use 2 filters at the same time).

The only expception could be the possiblity of collecting more "photons" in the blue and green with an orange or red filter, but I've never been in a situation where I've been tempted.


Well-Known Member
I work mostly with B&W as an end product for large prints. Even with film red is not always an optimal filter solution. The advantage of dealing with unfiltered (except perhaps a polarizer) is one has complete control with the raw image especially with different colored portions of the image such as skies and foliage etc.

To use colored filters with raw images is reducing your options. It might be useful of you were just interested in producing in camera B&W JPEGS.

Good luck. T