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B & W film for M5 and M6


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Recently purchased an M5 and M6 to use for this Wedding season. Will be using a 35mm on one and a 90 on the other. I've been experimenting with different B&W films, namely Tmax, Ilford Delta, and Agfa. I'm really looking for a sharp but fast film to use inside churches and dressing rooms without the use of flash to get the true sense of photojouralistic shots. Looking for well seasoned veterans advice on what worked best for them. Thanks as always.

I have used Fuji's Neopan 1600 over the past 5 years and have found it to be an excellent fast, reportage film providing it is processed correctly. I use Fuji's own lab in the UK and find it to be very good for B/W. I often over expose by 1/3 stop to wash out the faces slightly.

In my opinion, it is 10 times better than Ilford's 3200 ASA film and Kodak's Tmax 3200 which need a bang on exposure and very good processing although I have found them to work better in 120 size.

I do not work as a pro but have done a lot of prints for friends of weddings and portraits using this film. I have also read of people using Kodak's Tri-X pushed to 1600 with very good results.

Hope this helps.