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Welcome! I am new here as well, and new to film. I am one of those that started with digital, and have now found myself stuck in an analog world. Normally I pick subjects such as industrial architecture, or long exposed seascapes. I have found that outdoor architecture is done well with TMax 100, or indoors with TMax 400. Long exposures I use the Tmax 100 or Fuji ACROS 100. The Tmax of both types offer a considerable advantage in contrast over the ACROS, but the Fuji performs well with a nice even tone. So many factors to consider, but I have found both to be great. Plan on developing your own?


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Technical Pan but only if developped exactly as prescribed.
Still enough TP in my freezer. :)


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Oh, and Ilford Delta3200 for grain like bricks. Wonderful for moody, industrial landscapes and the like