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Bag for Contax G1 and 2 Zeiss lenses


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anybody reccomend a good bag for a g1 and 2 lenses the 35mm and 90mm and room for some filters and film and other photo stuff. I want to keep it small. I would like to hear more about the billingham.


Hi Colin,
My kit consist of G1, 28mm+hood, 45mm, 90mm+hood and tla200. I have a lowepro offtrail and everything fits in nicely.There is one mail compartment for the camera+mounted lens and 2 separate (removeable) compartment for lenses.
The main conpartment is long enough for you to put the body and the tla200 and a few other stuff.
My only grouse is that there are no zipper pockets for me to put other stuff.
Another thing that I thing will be a con to you is that this bag is and looks like a camera bag.

Recently I added a 16mm to my arsenal and found that the Offtrail could not fit all my kits. But that is not much of a problem as i seldom carry all my lens when I go out shooting. (the 90mm got left behind most of the time)

One bag that I found to be able to carry all my lenses + body is the Lowepro Omni. It is a squarish bag with velcro padding to customize the components. It has straps to make it into a hipster type of bag or to carry as a sling bag. It has 2 access points, one that opens from the top to reveal the whole content of the box while another is on the side for quick access to the camera.

hope this helps
if there is anyone out there who has a 4xGD filter for the 16mm lens and want to sell it, please contact me.
Also, if there is anyone out there who has a similar kit as mins and has a good bag recommendation,do inform me too.



Oh yes! I agree 100% with Derek. The older the bag looks, the saver the equippment is. I use a wornout samsonite bag for nearly every purpose. Sometimes is camera in it, sometimes my pistol for target shooting and sometimes tools to repair something for a friend.



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I would agree that you not carry it in anything that looks like a camera bag. IMHO, unfortunately, the very excellent Billingham bags look like camera bags. And the cost! Well, in addition to losing your G, if it's stolen, you also lose a pretty expensive bag.

Take a look at this link:

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Their camera bags, I think, don't look like camera bags, they look more like a normal shoulder bag or courier bag. some of their other bags also look inconspicuous, if, of course, you opt for greens or dark tans, not the wild colors that some of the other bags are on their site. And the prices are reasonable. I've looked at them in shops and they are water-resistant (nothing is waterPROOF, except dipped in latex??) and well-constructed. Good luck in Panama!

Mark Edwards


> Check out the E330 at; it's small, holds the G2 w/lens plus at least 1 more, very well built. It looks like a camera bag, but can easily be put in something else. What made you decide on Panama? I lived there in the early 70's, and am interested in where you plan to visit, especially if you're going to the San Blas Islands. Mike


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I was born and raised in Panama. I am partly going back to see friends and see how Panama has changed. But I am mostly going back to go to the interior of Panama, beaches, Pal mar, Coranado,etc. Mountains, El Valle, Volcan. Hopefully I will make it to San Blas, I will definetly be going to Isla Grande which is on the atlantic side of Panama and is about a 3 hour boat ride from San Blas. The problem with San Blas is having to Pay the Kuna indians to take pictures of them. If I can find a boat for a decent price I will go! I will also be going to several islands in the Pacific such as Taboga, and Contadora which is in the Perlas Islands. The show current survivor show was filmed in the Perlas Islands!

You lived in Panama in the seventies, If you went to Balboa High School you may know my parents....

Im still looking for a bag for a G1 and 35mm and 90mm and some film and maybe some other small things.

Thanks for everyones help! Because of you guys I should have a more enjoyable trip!


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I would think that you would be OK with just the 35 and 90 lenses as they would cover most situations.
You could keep the 90 in your pocket in a pouch and carry the camera with the other lens attached in a case perhaps a Zing or equivalent, in an ordinary back pack. The 90 could go in there as well of course.


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P.S. I would also put in the bag a beanbag or table tripod and a small flash.


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Check out the Shooter's Bag from
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. It was designed particularly for small rangefinder systems like the Leica and G's. You can carry almost the entire G2 system plus filters, film, and a light meter (or second body). The bag does not look like a camera bag, is made of tough material, is easily accessible, and the strap attaches to the rear of the bag instead of the sides for easy carrying. In my opinion, it beats the Domke F103 and the Billinghams (esp for price). The black bag with black trim is the least conspicuous and is used by many professionals. The only negative is that it is not padded. My solution has been to add a piece of foam rubber to the bottom of the bag. Good luck and good shooting!