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Bags for Contax N-system



This may be a recurring theme, but I would appreciate some input on how members carry their N-systems. I need a small-as-possible hip pack with foldaway belt (as well as a good shoulder strap) to carry an N1 with P-9 grip, a 24-85 and 70-300 zoom, and a Metz 54 MZ-3 flash, plus some film and filters. If possible, when travelling with this load, I would like to be able to add a G2 with 21, 45 and 90 lenses.
Has anyone tried any of the following ?
RoadWired Photo/Video Convertible Bag
Tamrac 5745 Velocity 5 Hip Pack
Tamrac #706 Deluxe Convertible
The real problem is to carry the camera with the grip and either lens fitted for instant use. The whole shape is then very awkward to carry in a bag. My current solution is to use a Domke 803 shoulder bag, with the camera and lenses unmounted so they all fit side by side. It makes for a slim bag to carry, but is really slow to get into action if I see something I want to react to. Also there is no room for the G2 kit unless I add a pocket or two on the shoulder strap, but that is where I carry the film stores when travelling.
I have also been considering a Billingham Pro Hadley, but this gets out of the belt pack aspect. Will the N1 system fit into the Hadley Pro ? Anyone out there had experience of this ?
Albest, Robin


I need a bag that can carry an Nx w/28-80 (mounted) and a T3+a few filters, ex. flim (batteries!) and maybe a flash in a backcountry travel setting.

The holster style (Lowe Pro toploader etc.) seems to make sense because I can wear it while carrying a full pack. Any suggestions? Sizes? Brands? usw.




I only can recommend Lowepro if you go for the AW models: durable, all weather proof and reasonably priced.
I have a "Reporter 500AW" that fits more than anyone but Arnie Schwarzenegger would want to carry and a "Photo Runner" waist bag that easily holds the N-digital (same size as N1+P9) with any of the shorter lenses plus another short lens (17-35, 24-85, 50). If need be I can still attach a pouch for the longer stuff from their Street & Field line.
I recently also tried the MiniMag AW but it just takes the a TLA360 over the PhotoRunner.

In my experience there is no bag that is small and holds the full rack of goodies whatsoever.


I have use two of the medium size lowepro bags and am fairly happy with it. The lay out of the interior, the built matterial and the zip are all great in quility. The only set back is that the connection between the bag and the "string", (the bit that hang overy your should) I have experience twice that the bags disconnected from the string and fall off from my should. Luckily, I slow down the fall using my feet, and there was no damage to the camers....yet. After these incident, i don't quiet trust the bags.

Does anyone have experience with the brand Crumpler, I like the looks of the bags (colourful)
but noe too sure about their quility. Thanks


Chi - I have a lowepro bag (I think it is called Nova 3, or is it 4) which fits the N1 with 24-85+hood attached, the 70-200, and TLA360. very snug fit but no space is left unused. I then replaced the original strap by an independent strap-maker design. This is not only much more comfortable, it has never fallen off my shoulder because the connection between bag and strap is very solid. I can recommend that to you.