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Bannack Ghost Town

Finally had a chance to develop and scan my images from my first outings with the new Hasselbald 501CM. These were all shot with the 60mm f/3.5. These are from Bannack Ghost Town in Montana. One of the best preserved ghost towns in US. The beauty of this place is not necessarily the exteriors of the buildings but the secrets and mysteries hidden inside. It's a photographers treasure trove and if you let your imagination run wild this place provides hours of visual entertainment.

I was exposing these for the shadows so the negatives have plenty of range. However, like I said this place has a potential for some incredibly moody images so I intentionally darkened some of the shadows in LR after they were scanned to enhance that feeling.

All were shot on Delta 100 and I used Barry Thornton's two bath development at 4.5 min each.


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    Scan 42-1.jpg
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Thank you all for your comments. I printed the chair with the window with lith developer and on a variety of lith friendly papers and it came out really nice. I'll have to tone it today and scan once dry and I'll make sure to share my results here.


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Nice to see good work with film and developing, and almost lost art from the Analogue era. Perhaps an HDR subject for digital workers. Always loved the feel of the 6x6 negatives. Working with the CFV50 on my ancient 500 CM I still have that smooth feeling of the film work flow, and cranking to advance new digits.... Some of my finest images (some in museums) were with the 60.

Keep up the good work! T