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Bargain or what!! Zeiss N 70-200mm


I just picked up a Zeiss N 70-200mm f3.5/4.5 for the measly sum of £90.00 (yes that's 90 GBPounds) on eBay. Bought from David Lipson Photography in Essex, who had the start price set at the aforementioned £90.00 and guess what, no one else put in a bid!

So what did I get, some kind of well used dog? Not at all. Apart from a couple of small marks on the back of the zoom ring, where the matt/satin finish has worn through to shiny black underneath, the lens seems as new and functions perfectly. Was also boxed, with papers and in it's pouch.

Whilst I was collecting the lens I was offered a minty TLA 360 c/w slip case for £50.00. Couldn't resist that either.

If you're in Essex and need camera gear I would highly recommend this shop based on my first experience there.

Was I just very lucky to get this lens so cheap, or does no one want these anymore?



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Think it's like I said in my thread, there are sellers who still believe they can command sky high prices. When in reality the market doesn't support it, and when left to bidding some good prices can be had.....
Plus I guess the 70-200 isn't the lens of choice, the 70-300 being preferred. I have both, the 70-200 is handy lens, and excellent buy and bargain, enjoy.
Zeiss N 70-200mm f3.5/4.5 is super !

I have this lens in 2 different mounts (N-mount and Conurus Canon EF-mount). The picture quality is excellent and the colors a better than the colors of the Canon lenses. Please take a look at the MTF-charts. I would say this lens is the most underrated lens in the N-line.
PS: the 28-80mm lens is also fine
Best regards