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Batterie Life of NX



I sold my RX for a NX with 28-80;
it was a Demo-model, after playing around with it to get familiar with the functions i put new Batteries in it. I went to Greece for Holiday . To my surprise the Battery Indicator on the LCD Display got down to medium position after just 6 films. i didn t use the included flash. Is that normal ????


New Member
I've been using an NX in a tropical climate where the temperature is around 28-36 degree C. A fresh battery will last for only 6-7 rolls of film, which is the same as you. Do you use AF and measure the light at different spots in a frame a lot before you shoot? Each time the auto focus work, it consumes the battery power. Carry 2 to 4 more battery spares is necessary.


Mostly i use the autofocus, and try to control the exposure very accurate. But nevertheless i think the NX needs a little to much batterie.