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Battery for Canon 1V HS


Active Member
Does anyone know off hand the model number of a NI-MH battery for my Canon 1V? I just have the adapter for the AA batteries but I'd like to experience the 10 fps speed on some fast action shots. Thanks.


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> [ I am afraid I don`t know off hand but--I am sure the info will be on the Canon website

Regards Gordon UK.


New Member
If(1) EOS-1V only: One 2CR5 lithium battery
If(2) EOS-1V + Power Drive Booster PB-E2: 8 size-AA batteries or Ni-MH Pack NP-E2
If(3) Battery Pack BP-E1: 1 2CR5 lithium battery and 4 size-AA batteries (size-AA lithium batteries could not be used)
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