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Battery problem



Hi everybody,
I hope someone can help me: I bought my Minolta Dynax 5 a year ago and hardly used it (due to a lack of time). It is only now that I can start to really enjoy it! Unfortunatly, It seems that I have battery issue: the batteries only last a couple of days!!! If I want to save them I have to remove them from the camera!!! It makes no difference if I use or not the camera... Believe me I did not forget to turn it off!
Does anybody have an idea?
Thx for your help!


I own Dynax 505si super and can say that even if you leave the camera on for a day or so it does not run empty. I got I think 6 month with my first set and was shooting 3-5 rolls a month.

So I guess it's electronic problem and best thing is to turn to local Minolta shop or repairshot with good reputation.

Now, if only I could find someone to fix similar problem on my XD-7