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Bay 50 B57 IR infrared filter where to get


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try this :
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They might still have filters for B75 , at least i can find them in their catalogue . That catalogue can also be downloaded .


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Klaus, I do not have exactly what you are searching for. But I happen to have an IR Filter (very very dark red) as 67 mm screw in (brand is Rollei). I do not want to sell it (have not made up my mind whether I will ever use it) but if you would like to use it for some experiments I could borrow it for a while. Location is Germany.



Thanks for both comments. I do have lots of IR filters, but none with B57 mount, so I guess and ask heliopan (whom I know quite well) about it (or even have them made some, which they do).



Btw. I found another solution: Using the gel filter holder plus appropriate Wratten/Kodak gel filter.