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Beattie or bBrightcreenb for RX or STany good


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I love the ST and RX and wanted to find a brighter screen than the Contax ones..Beattie do not make one for the ST or RX.....but apparently 'Brightscreen' do...I know nothing about these screens, does anyone have experience of them, or uses one in their Contax? any user comments welcome..have also heard of Maxwell screens..any one know much about them also?

Thanks Steve.


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Hi Steve,

I have a HighEnd Model Bill Maxwell Precision Optics screen in my Rollei 6003 6x6. which is quite affordable (USD 150) (but not as bright as Minolta alias Hassy Acute-Matte Series alias Rollei High-D screen)

Beattie Intenscreen does only RTS III !
(I use a Beattie in my Canon EOS 620)

Are the screens for ST, RX interchangeable by yourself? you can send in an original one and you would get it a little bit improved (in case he would not have custom made Contax screens).

Regarding Company Brigthscreen, no experience to share apart from "not soo friendly e-mail communications". Buy one and tell us your experience.

a shame that Minolta goes out of business, will their focusing screen too?