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BEATTIE screens for RTS2 any good


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Hi All,
Anyone have experience of using the Beattie replacement screens for the RTS2? are they a little better, or much better? any comments for good or bad much welcomed..thanks Steve.


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> Hi Steve, I've used a Beattie Intenscreen in my RTS3 and found that it was useful for small aperture telephoto shots (100-300mm f4.5-5.6), and also macro. It is about 1 stop brighter. However it makes it difficult to focus wide angle lenses accurately, as there is no split prism, just a matte screen. Eventually I took it out and replaced the original screen as I found the disadvantages outweighed the advantages. Perhaps if you do mostly telephoto or macro work it would be worth it, but for most purposes I find the original screen better. Of course is they do a plit prism model for the RTS2 (matte only for RTS3) then that may be worth the change.

Cheers, Matt


I had Brightscreens on my RTS IIs & IIIs and they were very noticeably brighter. Can't say the same for my EOS 1DsII's Brightscreen compared to the Canon split screen.


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Hey DJ, long time no see.

Finally landed that 35/1.4 as well as picking up a West Germany 180/2.8 .... AND just today I had a 70-210/3.5 sent to me to test this weekend. It's a legendary lens with fabulous optics. Fairly rare I think. As is the 85/1.2 that my dealer has a line on for me. Don't know if I can afford it however.


Hi Marc!

I see the Z vaccine didn't work too well on you - that disease is still in full force
. My current roundup is: 25/2.8, 28/2.8, 35/1.4, 85/1.4, 135/2.8, 180/2.8, and 35-70/3.4. The 85 and 180 I got as demos from B&H, in excellent condition although the 180 has a few small nicks on the hood, otherwise A-OK. The 28 I got on eBay in like-new condition & great price, and the rest all new at excellent prices.

I just need to add a super-wide, either the 18 or 21, but the 21 is just too much at around 4K, if you find one, and the 18 is even more non-extant, if a more reasonable alternative. I'm still smarting from screwing up that bid for an 18 in eBay, but maybe I should take it as a sign that I shouldn't have gotten that lens

I am seriously contemplating the Leica 21-35 - it's in my B&H cart and on the 30th I'm clicking Checkout, unless something happens to dissuade me in the meantime ... I think you used to have one? Other than the slow speed, did you find anything in the performance particularly lacking?


Hi DJ,

regarding the Leica 21-35. I would recommend to look at it first in person at a shop. A friend of mine had it in his hands at a Leica tour in Solms and he was not impressed from the handling and workmanshift. Optically he could not judge - he did not make pictures with it. But he is using a Leica 35/2.0 and a 90mmm and he said that there is a significant difference in the "feeling" (material, focussing, weight etc.) while using it.

He liked i.e. the Zeiss N17-35 a lot better from this point of view

Since Leica is usually extraordinary good especially in those criterias, he was kind of disappointed...


Paul, many thanks, but I missed this unfortunately - bidding is over while I slept
. I think the Lens Gods don't want me to get this lens ...

Dirk, thank you for the heads-up. I will definitely keep that in mind. B&H has a return policy so I may try it out, but I'll be looking for more feedback.


Hmmm ... the dog ate it?? I just started bidding on an 18 from Italy. After Paul's post I realized I had confined my search to the US only.

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