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beautiful sky over my countryside...


Active Member
Dear friends,

Here is a photo I took 2 week-ends ago while walking in the countryside around my mother's house...

always been a square format fan (medium format addict before my dear and kind Sigma sd14)

please enjoy




  • 2009-06-13_nuages1.jpg
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I always love cloud shots....nice composure and set-up...I like the green to blue contrast....

Great shot as with all of yours today...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


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I love the shot, too. It's beautiful. I would have been tempted to keep the landscape format because of the horizontal composition, but you've demonstrated here how the square format bounds the image and creates a greater sense of space without any harm to the horizontality. Again, beautiful!


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thank you Toisondor

now I am really blushing a lot :p
Thanks to all you kind comments my friends

Soon I'll be able to post some new, week end approaching and a lot of time to shoot I'll have :)

Cheers to all