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Before i buy i need some help



Hi and thanks for your support.
I´ve just started on photography and today i found that my zoom (a Sigma 35-135) isn´t enough, and i would like somethig a little bigger, that reaches around ??-200, but i really wouldn´t know what to buy.(know that i´m starting a family and i´m not in conditions to spend too much money)by the way, the camera is an RTS I
Also ¡¿ how do pro´s can take a photo where everithing is in focus ¿ is´t a lens or a technique ?!, thing is that i take one (Nahuel Huapi lake at night) where everithing is in focus, but i don´t know how i did´t !


Hello Rodriqo,
Welcome to photography.
Since you already have a 35-135 zoom you could get a 200mm prime lens to suppliment it. That is, if you can buy one without selling the 35-135.

Pictures that have everything sharp, front to back, are usually shot with the aperature set
at a small opening like f/16. This increases what is known as depth of field (DOF). Wider angle lenses offer more DOF than telephoto


Hi Rodrigo to add to Marc's advice if you look at the lens you will notice a depth of Field scale this indicates the depth of field(distance of closest and farthes points in focus)for a given F stop also on the RTS here is a depth of field preview(be warned looking through a view finder will only give you a very approximate and over optimistic view of DOF) located as you hold the camera in normal operating position on th right hand side of the lens mount. hope this is of some help and that you enjoy your photography. John