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|BELINDA C in the studio|


New Member
This was shot 2 days after I got the H4D-40 delivered. Moving up to digital MF from my Canon system was a bliss. An experience I would treasure for a very very long time to come. The upgrade from cheapo lights to Profoto was also an out of the world experience.

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  • portraits00022.jpg
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Very lovely image. Looks like you are going to enjoy your new Hasselblad a lot.

I can't wait until I get mine. Still have to save a little more.


Well-Known Member
Very nice shot and beautiful model.

You reminding me about myself, i was dedicated Canon shooter until 2009, then suddenly i bought H3DII-39, then this year about 40 days ago or so i upgraded to H4D-60, i rarely now using Canon for studio or portraits, also got one Profoto head and ringflash, i feel like i am a pro now with that gear.


Well-Known Member
Hi Eddie,

I agree with the others, beautiful photograph. For my taste a tiny bit too soft, but this is a matter of taste.
Looking forward to seeing more!

Cheers and thanks for sharing
Michi aka Mike