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Hi All,

Silly enogh, I never happened to visit Berlin before. Well, Berlin has its certain history. Since I am a born West-German, visiting Berlin (the former devided city) used to be difficult when I was young.

Now, that the German unification took place 19 years ago, Berlin is available like any other German city ... no excuse therefore that I did not manage to go there before ... well now I did so! :)

Not necessary to mention that all Photos are done with SIGMA (SD9/14)

Due to SIGMA OS ... I did not need a tripod at all.

Some impressions......

sample 1.jpg

sample 2.jpg

sample 3.jpg

sample 4.jpg

sample 5.jpg

sample 6.jpg

sample 7.jpg

sample 8.jpg

... to be continued ...


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Berlin .... up to the end ...:)

sample 34.jpg

sample 36.jpg

sample 37.jpg

sample 38.jpg

sample 39.jpg

sample 40.jpg

sample 41.jpg

sample 42.jpg

Dedicated to Tony, who once lived in Berlin. :)

Well, I did not comment on all these pictures. If there are questions on them (on photography in particular) feel free to ask!

See you with nice pictures



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Thank you, but it was Nue Ulm.....but I was close....

Very nice pictures Klaus.....Out of all of them I like #3 from the first batch with the fountains and clouds.....I love clouds....

Which lenses did you use..and did you use any special settings..??

Tony C.


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Hello, Klaus!

Once again, your pictures tell the story of a very dedicated photographer who is fortunate enough to be using Foveon technology to portray his talents. You certainly like perfection and use to advantage the light you discover.

It's almost like accompanying you on your many trips. Thanks, Klaus.

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs

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Hi all,

thanks for all your comments. :)

My equipment "on tours" .....


Well, like many fanatics I am a collector, as far as photo equipmewnt is concerned. At home, I have quite a shelf filled up with cameras and lenses.

Indeed, the most difficult question is, what to carry with you on tours?!!

Two thoughts on the issue:

1) Nothing is more annoying, than to see a scene, without having the right photo equipment at hands! Maybe, therefore I still hesitate with the DP1 (a brilliant camera I had for testing!!).

2) Unfortunately, you simply cannot have all your odds and ends with you ... you want to be mobile and no snail un tours.

Finally, you have to think about a compromise .... well ... mine might be extreme ... I cannot do differently! :eek: My compromise comes to more than 20 British pounds.


Bodies with lenses (always mouinted to have it with a single grip)

SD14 / SIGMA 18-200mm DC OS (3.5-6.3)

SD9 / SIGMA 10-20mm EX DC (4.0-5.6)

Furter Lenses:

SIGMA 28-80mm HF (MACRO)
SIGMA 28-105mm (2.8-4.0)
SIGMA 80-400mm EX OS (4.5-5.6)
VIVITAR 50mm / 1.9 (M42-Mount for Portrait usage)


Metz 34-CS-2 (a very small and light flashlight that can do really small distances (very useful at macro situations!)
SOLIGOR AR-30-T Ringflash (ideal with the 28-80 HF MACRO)

Other equipment:

automatic bellows
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reflex viewfinder
accumulators (NP-400 (SD14) / AA (SD9) / CR-123-A (SD9))
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remote releasers (cord and cordless)
emory cards
M42/SIGMA SA mount
extended flash rail (for macro usage)
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I did not forget to mention a tripod in my list. There simply is none! Even the nightshots above are done freehanded ... SIGMA Optical Stabilizing makes that possible. :)

See you with nice pictures


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Hi Jim,

For years I tortured myself with all kinds of different photo-bags. Now that I use two different backpacks (a small and a big one / definately NOT at the same time :D / the picture shows my big field kit :D) ... my problems are gone.

well, the best lens is worthless if you do not have it available.

This one for instance, was pure coincidence .... I had my 80-40mm OS at hands .... :rolleyes:

sample 1.JPG

SD14 / 80-400mm OS at full stretch / F:6.3 / .....1/320s ....

Jim, the "Sherpa" idea is a good one .... basically .... :rolleyes:
But ... I would need one who did not know a thing about photography and who did not want to learn anything about it. I do love taking pictures and I do like talking about it .... I simply cannot do both at the same time ...;)

See you with nice pictures


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Hi Tony,

my lens with the shot was the SIGMA 10-20mm EX DC (@16mm F:11) with my SD9

Well, I had fantastic light when I went along their on my bycicle. The shot shows the "Marienkirche" / Marienchurch.

What annoys me is the forground, Tony! The two benches do not really fit the scene ..... I did some polishing up .... :D

sample 2.jpg

See you with nice pictures



Active Member
Hi Klaus,

very nice shots!

Out of all of them I like sample 26.
It is remarkable as you have made sample 42 without a tripod.