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Best B&W to scan


OK. I made a decision to buy the Nikon Coolscan 5000. 90% of what I shoot is B&W, usually Tri-X. Any opinions regarding which B%W film scans best--it such a category exists. Also, any early reports on the Coolscan 5000?


I've had some rather positive experiences with Kodak's chromagenic B&W films with an Epson scanner.

That stuff drives you nuts in the darkroom, due to the amber film base, but scans wonderfully (due to the amber film base???).



I have just upgraded from a 4000 to 5000 and I am most pleased with the upgrade.
But most of the improvement effect colour scans.
Other than the increased speed which is most welcome.
I have scanned mostly Ilford B&W films everything from FP4 to Delta 3200 (my particular favorite) and the 4000 performed well with all.
It really depends on the "look" you are after.
As mentioned above the chromagenic (C41 compatible) films are great because you can use Digital ICE4 with these. But to ignore Delta 3200 or Tri-X for this reason alone would be shame because you just cannot replicate the effect of these films digitally.

I am sure you will enjoy your new purchse.