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Best Compact Flash Card for the ND


New Member
Greetings ND enthusiasts!
You've always provided a wealth of information here and I'm hoping you may be able to help me with my latest question!
I've recently purchased a used ND and need to get some film for it. I've spent the last couple of hours reading up on my CF cards and I've got some questions to all you ND gurus out there...
#1. Is the ND even capable of taking advantage of some of the new speeds offered in modern cards.
#2. Not that I'm planning on dropping hundreds on a huge CF card, but is the ND capable of writting to "Fat 32"? Or just 16?
#3. The SanDisk Ultra II gets great results @ a # of sites, but how is real world application working out for all of you? (in camera write speed, read/download speed, durability, etc...)
4. Finally (for now), what's the fastest method you've found for getting the images from the card onto my CPU? (Firewire? CardBus? USBII reader?)

Thank you all for any help or advice you can offer.
I can't believe that this hasn't been covered somewhere before in these forums, but I did a few searches and didn't find anything...if it's been covered before, a link to the info. would be greatly appriciated!

Thanks again,



I've been using the Transcend 1 GB cards, which are relatively inexpensive and are rated at 48x with excellent results. I had been using a Firewire CF card reader, but recently installed an IDE-based reader right on my workstation case. Using Win XP I have no problems reading the CF FAT filesystem.


Well-Known Member
I use Sandisk Ultra II, Sandisk Extreme and Lexar 32x cards. I also have an older Sandisk 16x card, which is noticeably slower. Firewire 400 seems to be faster than USB 2.0 even though it must be 80mbps slower. I have a cardbus adapter, which is great on the road (I used to carry a firewire adaptor with me, but not anymore), but it lacks some functionality with macintosh because its driver is still in beta stage and does not lupport hot-swapping like on IBM PC.


New Member
Thanks you guys for all your posts. Very helpful and useful to a digital newbie who has a lot of learning and testing ahead of me! Shouldn't be too tough with all the great information posted here!