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Best entry level lenses to start to shoot sports



I am a new dslr owner and have started to take pics for my kids sporting events. I recently bought a d50 (i know the 2.5fps is not lightning) and for kids sports ( tball, hockey etc) it seems to do the job. I wanted to get some advice on a lense (zoom) that might be adequate for both outdoor and indoor shots. Thanks


New Member
The good with D50, is that it will be able to Syncro
Flash at very fast Shutter Speed 1/500th; to one day
You'll need to lightening the scene, including not
dedicated Flashes and Studio Flashers.
D70 (3 fps) and D1 also can do flash at 1/500th.

Out of Nikon, instead Canon 1D only can syncro-flash
at 1/500th, but by 8 ftg./sec.
Any Camera does also can syncro-flash at 1/500th
or even higher Shutter Speeds, though by employing
own dedicated Flash units only, as FP capable units.
As You can see, then 2.5 fps also is a good ability.
A few models only reach 1.5 fps, but not flash at 1/500.

I think it a very good choice for sport shooting !



New Member
I attempted on editing my previous message, but was unable.
What I would have wanted to make clearer about fps,
is that Canon 1D has to pay in pixel its higher 8 fps
capability, by getting 4 Mpx only; also keeping X-Sync
at 1/500th, though.

Looking at the other side instead on Cameras slower
than 2.5 fps, some Fuji (S1) and Kodak (DCS 760)
models (fitting Nikon Lenses), do run 6 Mpx like Nikon D50 and D70, yet they turn to 1.5 fps only;
and without any saving on price, no longer.

So, D50 and D70 really offer the best combo of Mpixels,
fps, X-Sync and Price, in my opinion for sport shooting,
at today.

Now, to get a Zoom Lens ".. that might be adequate for
both outdoor and indoor shots ", You should take into
Your considaration that inside a gym, hardly You'll
find more than EV9 as Ambient Light coming from the
existing Lighting plant/windows.
Most likely, EV7 only, too.

EV9 means f/2.8 at t=1/250th, with ISO-400 ;
EV7 means f/2.8 at t=1/250th, with ISO-1600;

Also taking into consideration that You may find
motion blurr on anything sport pic, shot under 1/250th
well, any Zoom-Lens able to keep f/2.8 along any
Focal-Length, is welcome in sport shooting, then.

Motion blurring, less affects working through Wide-Angle
Lenses, but in sport We have usually to plane around,
Normal to Tele, Focal-Lengths.