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Best lens hood for Zeiss 85/1.4



First of all, do I need a hood for the 85/1.4, and if so which one? Why metal vs rubber?
Thanks for any input.


New Member
Yes, you should use a lens shade. I have both, the metal #4 with 67/86 adaptor ring and the rubber G-13 (which is very rugged). I prefer the G-13 for outdoor photography. It remains on the lens all the time. No-name snap-in lens covers fit to the hood's filter screw.


New Member
I have a G-13 now. New, quite pricey. Heavy thick rubber. Contax lens cover fits also. Firstly it protects the delicated edge of the lens well when folded over it, preventing it from nocks. When folded out and shooting against backlight, it improves quality significantly. The fine barrel of this lens is far to small for using it without.