Best Lighting setups for Portraits

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    I have recently gotten into doing portraits of individuals and I am beginning to like it, I think I may start doing it as part of my hobby. Up until now I have been relying on outdoor shots for the portraits I take because I am not quite ready to cover the lighting challenge of studio shots. Can anyone give me good simple suggestions for lighting a studio booth for the best portrait settings. Thanks in advance.

    Matt from Ohio
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    Jan 11, 2008
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    Hi Matt

    you can use any setup u want. the traditional setup is 1 or 2 soft box 45deg. to the subject when the camera is between the 2 soft box.

    there r some nice books in amazon about lighting tech. read them they r full with infomation.

  3. mjt11860

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    hi matt. make sure when u set up the soft boxes, that u check that their reflection is not in the lens on your camera. if they r, back them up until u don't see them. otherwise, you'll get what i think is referred to as flair.

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