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Best Low Light settings for the E 520


New Member

I have been using the E-520 with the kit 14-42 and a 40-150 Zuiko lens. I have been noticing more noise in low light photographs than photographs (of the same places at the same times) taken by my friends' Canon Rebel XS.

I was hoping to find out what settings are used by members here for low light photos without flash, for best results with respect to noise.



New Member
In a reply to my own question, I found out that the setting Gradation to Normal takes care of a lot of low light noise. Gradation on Auto (which is default I think) seems to try and boost areas in the shade, and bring about a whole lot of noise by doing so.

Setting it to Normal, I get much better photographs where a dark effect is intended.

Conversely, Gradation also darkens areas that are too brightly highlighted - so if you find overexposed shots in the bright sunlight, maybe setting it to Auto at that time might counteract that.