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Best Sigma Lens for Landscape


Another great lens is the 15-30mm,if you can get one at all.
Sigma doesn´t offer it anymore.
The 12-24mm might be a replacement,but I have not had it,so I can´t give
not comment on it.


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The one that I have wanted is:
Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM

But I don't have any experience with this lens, it is just one that I have been looking at and would want as a next purchase for landscape.

happy hunting,



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Robert, I have the 10-20mm Sigma lens for my Sony a great well...great contrast...and clean wide-open....

I use my sony set-up for work....but here are a few shots to look at...

Corner 10mm.jpg

Back-Road 10mm.jpg

Back-Road 20mm.jpg

Hope this helps you out with a wide-angle lens....

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


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TC thank you for posting these. I like the the red /green contrast and texture detail on the brick corner shot.

The landscapes look so wide you develop a sense of vastness looking at them. Great blue. This is certainly what I am interested in.

If you don't mind a couple of questions about the PP. Where these shot raw and developed in SPP? If so, did you need to do much as fair as sharpening in the first? and color / saturation in the 2nd and 3rd?

I ask because I am trying to get a feel for how much of what I see that I like is the lens or enhanced from SPP. It is remarkable how much SPP can enhance a really good RAW file. (and even some that don't start out the best it does well with).

From the looking I have done so far, this 10 - 20 is the one I am saving for.

Thank you again,



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Not an issue with the questions...

They were not shot RAW shot in JPG mode on a Sony lense is not on a Sigma SD14....which I would have to conclude your shots would probably come out even better since sigma has better color rendition than the Sony a700...

These images were touched up with Nikon's NX2 which I use this program to change the color levels...but I don't mess with sharpness or saturation...the only other reason I use has a great fix-it tool for images that may have sensor ghost or just plain dust specs....I would say this was probably enhanced by +1 to +3 at max...I don't like making too many changes to my pictures....

For the Sigma...I have seen two so far go for about 220.00 to 250.00 on the last two months...

Good luck this is a great lens...

Tony C.


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Thank you for the exif info. also for the ebay, my personal experience is that I have not see many sigma for sigma on ebay. I will keep looking. the 220 is a very good price for this.

Did you buy yours from ebay?

I keep finding that the 18-200 kit lens sometimes is left wanting to go wider.

good luck with your pictures,



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To all,

so I go to ebay to look,,,,, 10-20 ex dc hsm,,, 15 minutes left on auction, current bid is 381..... getting close to purchase new price.

Good luck with your pictures,



Thanks for all this info. I'm also learning about the option of doing multi-shot panaramas and using softwear to stitch the images together. I like all these options...


Very good is the brand new Sigma 10-20mm f3.5 zoom that came out lately, drawback: only for APS-C sized sensors.
As a full frame wideangle zoom I can recommend the Sigma 12-24mm it offers definitely fixed lens quality in a zoom !
(google : sigma 12-24mm pontification...for a great review)

The Sigma 18-50mm f2.8 is a great lens as we ll as the latest edition of the 24-70mm f2.4 HSM version !!!

Landscape is not only wideangle in my opinion so the Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 could also serve well as the right tool especially for dim light early morning or dawn.